NCAA Basketball Tournament – Which Team Will Bring the Biggest Squirt Gun?


With the NCAA college basketball tournament underway, I find myself very impressed with the quality of coaching on so many of these teams.

All of the coaches are excellent strategists.  All of them have spent years in the game and understand the commitment it takes to build a strong, successful program.  All of them have created a “team first” mentality.  And so many of these coaches have created a family-like connection with their players.

BUT the real question on fans’ minds is…

…which coach has the best dance moves in the locker room?

Perhaps there should be a coaching dance bracket for the NCAA tournament.  With every locker room celebration likely to be posted on social media these days, it has never been more important for the coach to be able to show his moves.

It ain’t pretty, but it’s got to be done – a great locker room celebration shows how well the team has bonded, and how much they accept the coach, and it may even help with recruiting.  Who wants to go to a school where the coach sucks at dancing?

And the celebration keeps changing.  Three years ago, all a coach needed to do was bounce up and down to the music – very similar to doing awkward deep knee bends to the music.  Then Cam Newton’s “Dab” upped the game – coaches not only had to show they could celebrate, they needed to “Dab.” Even coaches with no dance move could play – all they needed to do was take running start and leap into the waiting crowd of players.

This year, John Beilein, the head basketball coach at Michigan, has taken the locker room celebration to a whole new level — after the team’s impressive win over Louisville the other day, he brought a huge squirt gun into the locker room and proceeded to spray the entire team, which then erupted into a frenzied celebration.

Beilein Squirt Gun

Check it out…

Game on.  What will the other winning coaches do next weekend?  Coaches are ultra competitive – they don’t want to be seen giving some boring rah-rah speech to the winning team.  They need to deliver a social media worthy celebration.

They have a few days to think about it.  This weekend will be the Sweet Sixteen, then the Elite Eight.  Each coach better be ready for the challenge – win each game and take your team to the Final Four.  And THEN show your best “Dancing With the Stars” moves.

Either that or find a bazooka-sized squirt gun… and take no prisoners!

The the fun continue.



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